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Our  Team

Driven by a shared passion for solving real-life problems, our team blends their diverse skills and expertise in physics, sociology and AI to find new, exciting and creative solutions everyday.  

Our Story

It all began at the University of Bucharest, where Luca and Radu, two physics buffs, met and hit it off. Their shared curiosity in physics soon sparked a bigger idea. When Luca came up with a new way to apply the Ising model to predicting human behavior, the duo saw a chance to turn this idea into something real. Tudor, our AI expert, joined the team, and together, they created Aware – our first big step into the world of practical tech solutions.

Our journey didn't stop there. As the market shifted, so did we. Leona, who keeps us organized and on track, and Matei, who's not just a whiz at customer experience but also a skilled front-end engineer, joined the team. They've been crucial in shaping our products to meet our customers' needs.

Along the way, we've brought in advisors from different fields like business, sociology, and marketing. They've helped us find our place in the Romanian business ecosystem. Every challenge has been a learning opportunity, and these experiences have equipped us with the knowledge and confidence to tackle whatever comes next. We're excited about the future, ready to continue blending science with practical solutions, and growing with each new step. The journey of innovation and discovery continues.

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