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Transform your
News Tracking and Analysis Strategy.

Stay on top of an ever-changing business, political, and social landscape by tracking national and regional news. Get key insights, identify trending topics, and follow mentions of people and organisations important to you.

Track articles and breaking news across a multitude of national and local news sites.


Automatically identify the sentiment and entities in articles. Get statistics about their evolution over time.


Monitor stories. Receive periodic reports. Set up alerts for receiving real-time updates.

  • Load a data source such as an Excel sheet or a database

  • Use the full texts corpus to the list of topics specific to your data

  • Automatically detect topic, sentiment and entities for each text

  • Discover patterns and behaviour in your data that would otherwise be impossible to identify

Upgrade Your Media Strategy

Popularity Overview

Instantly gauge your brand's digital impact. Our AI-driven analysis provides a clear view of your social media reach and audience engagement, helping refine your media strategy.


Live Updates


Get real-time insights into your social network dynamics. This feature keeps you informed about evolving trends and audience responses, enabling quick and effective strategy adjustments.

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