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Transform your
News Tracking and Analysis Strategy.

Stay on top of an ever-changing business, political, and social landscape by tracking news, blogs, and Twitter. Get key insights, identify trending topics, and follow mentions of people and organisations important to you.

Track articles and breaking news across news sites, blogs, and other media. Search through content from a large collection of sources around the globe or request your own list.


Automatically identify the topics and entities that are being talked about the most, using AI. Identify the sentiment around those topics, and get statistics about their evolution over time.


Monitor stories around the internet without having to read everything. Receive periodic reports on the topics that matter to you. Set up alerts for receiving real-time updates.

  • Load a data source such as an Excel sheet or a database

  • Use the full texts corpus to the list of topics specific to your data

  • Automatically detect topic, sentiment and entities for each text

  • Discover patterns and behaviour in your data that would otherwise be impossible to identify

Our Vision

Transparent Algorrithms

We believe algorithms should be transparent, above all. By bringing together AI and scientific methods used in statistical physics, our model provides an explainable and verifiable social impact analysis of an organization's extended network.

Scientific Approach

We use cutting-edge AI technology, proprietary algorithms, and social network analysis methods developed in partnership with academic research groups. This enables us to automate the background checks process beyond just data mining.

How it works
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