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Vetting made easy

A single, integrated platform that does data collection, performs social network analysis on key stakeholders and determines their stance and topics of interest.
Data Mining

Bots for crawling through millions of social media, blog posts and press to build an exhaustive data base of the target's activity.

Network Analysis

Map the target organization and its ecosystem through automated discovery of key stakeholders and their relationships.

Stance Prediction

Determine what issues the agents talk publicly about, what is their stance on them, and how influential they are in their network.

Who are we

Our Vision

Transparent Algorrithms

We believe algorithms should be transparent, above all. By bringing together AI and scientific methods used in statistical physics, our model provides an explainable and verifiable social impact analysis of an organization's extended network.

Scientific Approach

We use cutting-edge AI technology, proprietary algorithms, and social network analysis methods developed in partnership with academic research groups. This enables us to automate the background checks process beyond just data mining.

How it works
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Tel: +4076 768 1297

Bucharest, Romania

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